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7 Reasons to Choose Residential Treatment for Alcoholism

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 by

friendsBattling an addiction to alcohol takes a lot of strength and courage. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward making things better. The next step is choosing a treatment program that empowers you to heal and get a strong start along the path of recovery. Consider these seven reasons why a residential treatment program may be the optimal choice for you.

Reason #1: You Have Around-the-Clock Care

When you choose a residential treatment program for your alcohol addiction, you have available around-the-clock care: 24 hours a day through all seven days of the week. In the early days of recovery, this dedicated care can help you keep you safe and on track.

Reason #2: The Focus Is Entirely on You

When you choose residential care for your recovery, you don’t have to worry about daily distractions. Consistent pressures from your job, family, and friends can cause stress and tempt you to find solace in alcohol or other drugs. Although you might love to take care of your family or hang out with your friends, these big responsibilities can make it hard to maintain the focus you need to recover.

On the other hand, when you stay in a residential care facility, the intense focus on your needs for a successful recovery can work wonders. The absence of external distractions can free you to kick the addiction to the curb and get healthy. You need to be healthy on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level as you work towards your recovery.

Reason #3: You Can Temporarily Simplify Complex Choices

When you are in a residential rehab facility, you don’t have to make a lot of complicated decisions for yourself. Everything from your daily meals to your schedule will be simpler.

Reason #4: You Keep Negative Influences to a Minimum

One of the powerful aspects of staying in a residential treatment facility is that the facility can protect you from many negative influences that can threaten your recovery. You will have limited phone calls. For a set amount of time, you might not have visitors and when you can see visitors, the staff often closely monitor the visits.

These preemptive measures to protect you from negative influences may seem frustrating at first, but the measures exist to keep you safe and focused on your recovery. When you aren’t surrounded by negative influences such as friends who encourage you to drink with them, you can more easily stay dedicated to your program of recovery.

Reason #5: The Sense of Community Is Empowering

You may discover a great camaraderie among others who are in residential rehab for drug or alcohol addictions. Your fellow rehabbers may have suffered similar challenges and losses because of their addiction. You may help each other stay strong and continue to choose sobriety. The sense of community that comes when a group lives in the same rehab is comforting for many people.

When you stay at a residential treatment facility, you may even have a roommate. Rather than be a distraction, a roommate can encourage you to stay on track and be an active participant in the rehab. Having a roommate may bring you out of your own issues and fears and allows both you and your roommate to give and receive help from each other as you heal.

Reason #6: You Have Easy Access to Healthy, Prepared Meals

When you focus on your recovery from alcohol addiction, you probably don’t want to be distracted by cooking meals for you and your family. When you receive inpatient care, you will receive three healthy, nutritionally balanced meals every day. Snacks, beverages, and other refreshments are also readily available. You don’t have to cook at all.

Reason #7: You Have Opportunity to Build Skills to Thrive in Recovery

Experts design an inpatient addiction recovery program to help prepare you for conquering your addiction on a long-term basis. While short-term success is important, the program needs to give you the skills you need to stay the course. You learn and develop these skills in your treatment program to help you stay strong when temptation is more available.

From honing your coping mechanisms to having someone you can call any time you are tempted to give in to your addiction, the skills of recovery may vary a little for everyone. The universal tools of recovery that can help nearly every former addict include being of service to others and going to support group meetings after your inpatient recovery program ends.

Finally, know that you have hope and help no matter how long you may have struggled with alcoholism. If you battle with addiction, contact Pacific Ridge to set up a visit. Our compassionate team provides a safe haven for you to heal and deal with the addiction in a supportive, peaceful environment.

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