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The Personal Touch at Pacific Ridge

Posted on: October 11th, 2019 by

Pacific Ridge helps those in need through personal addiction care

At Pacific Ridge, we have many years of experience in dealing with the complexities and challenges of addiction, and we treat every case on an individual basis. The personal addiction care we provide is built on the foundation of a knowledge and understanding of you, your family, and your situation.

Before and during the process of making any decisions about how we tackle issues of addiction, we invest time into getting to know you as a person. This is not some simple form filling, box-ticking exercise. It can be quite an emotional and thought-provoking experience for both you, your family, and our staff. But because addiction is highly personal, our care must be as well. We take you seriously.

Our staff are the people who make all this happen. They are passionate, friendly, compassionate and understanding individuals, who are driven and focused on helping every one of our clients. Building a relationship of trust and understanding takes time and effort on both sides.
Our staff will respect your dignity and confidentiality. We are not here to judge but to actively encourage your involvement in the recovery process. We treat you as a human being – a person – not just a number or a statistic.

When you stay at Pacific Ridge the personal touch from our staff will shine through. In fact, it is that personal touch that many of our clients attribute to their success. If you are looking for an alcohol and drug treatment center that is focused, determined, supportive, and friendly for you or someone you love, then contact us for confidential assistance. We are confident that once you experience the ethos and atmosphere here, you will know that Pacific Ridge is the place to go for help.

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Pacific Ridge is a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility about an hour from Portland, Oregon, on the outskirts of Salem. We’re here to help individuals and families begin the road to recovery from addiction. Our clients receive quality care without paying the high price of a hospital. Most of our clients come from Oregon and Washington, with many coming from other states as well.

Pacific Ridge is a private alcohol and drug rehab. To be a part of our treatment program, the client must voluntarily agree to cooperate with treatment. Most intakes can be scheduled within 24-48 hours.

Pacific Ridge is a State-licensed detox and residential treatment program for both alcohol and drugs. We provide individualized treatment options, work closely with managed care organizations, and maintain contracts with most insurance companies.