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Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab & Addiction Detox Treatment Center for Corona, CA

For over 20 years, Pacific Ridge has been helping out-of-state patients, including Corona, CA families recover from drug & alcohol addiction.

Our Oregon drug and alcohol rehab center is located on private acreage near Salem, OR in the middle of the beautiful Willamette Valley, only an hour’s drive from Portland and Eugene.

The Pacific Ridge Inpatient Drug Rehab Center is the best detox and treatment center for Corona, CA people with drug and alcohol addictions. Pacific Ridge provides its patients with clean, safe, and affordable recovery services to get them sober. Our drug rehab center offers a variety of options that can help you get off drugs and alcohol and become healthy once more.

Pacific Ridge Rehab Center Is


Our entire staff is committed to helping residents during this difficult time of detox, withdrawal, and learning recovery behaviors. Our home-like atmosphere has frequently been praised as a wonderful setting for drug and alcohol rehab

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Addiction is an incredibly sensitive issue, and privacy is something you should expect from your addiction treatment team. Receiving professional care at Pacific Ridge means that your right to privacy is safe.

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At Pacific Ridge, our clients receive care from trained, certified, professional staff who have years of experience working with people who struggle with substance abuse. Many bring their own recovery experience to the treatment program.

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Dealing with addiction is enough of a struggle without worrying about breaking the bank for treatment. Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry for private treatment programs.

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When you come to Pacific Ridge, you enter a compassionate program that provides a safe haven for those seeking addiction treatment in Corona, California. The first step is a phone call – getting started only takes 5 minutes.

At Pacific Ridge

You can start your recovery from alcohol addiction, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, opiates, and more.

To learn more about what our Corona, California drug and alcohol rehab center located in beautiful Oregon can do for you, call us at:


Pacific Ridge: Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

When you or the people you love suffer with an alcohol or drug addiction, you need help – not another person to provide well-meaning suggestions.

What is Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

You are probably aware of drug rehab centers in Corona, CA. They are places where people go to get help with substance abuse – either in the form of alcoholism or addiction to drugs. Drug rehab clinics focus on helping patients detoxify, as well as treating their addiction to alcohol and drugs. Many rehab centers have a detoxification facility where they help patients detox from alcohol and drugs. However, it is important to remember that the goal of a drug rehab center is not to get you sober, but rather recover from the effects of substance abuse, so that you can live clean and be ready for life without drugs or alcohol. The best way to learn about rehabilitation centers is by doing research on the internet. This can be done by Googling “addiction treatment centers near me” or “rehabilitation center near Corona, CA”.

When you come to Pacific Ridge’s Oregon Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment Center, you enter a safe haven for those seeking substance abuse treatment. We invite you to begin your road to recovery. The Pacific Ridge treatment center in Jefferson, Oregon is located just 60 minutes south of Portland.

We provide addiction treatment for

Even if your struggle is not on this list, it’s likely we’re equipped to help. Please contact us so we can talk.

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Out-of-State Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs for Corona

Over the years, we’ve helped many overcome alcohol addiction. We use our knowledge and experience to give first-rate alcohol rehab treatment and care to all of our patients.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Take?

Because we’re so dedicated to helping patients achieve sobriety, each patient at Pacific Ridge receives a personalized treatment plan focused on their individual needs. We’ve helped many people overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol for years now. Our drug rehabilitation program helps them identify the triggers that have led them to relapse and learn coping skills to deal with these problems on their own terms.

Our patients often have a tough road ahead of them after they leave our facility – healing from the substance abuse issues they suffered at home and all the hurdles they had to overcome before arriving at Pacific Ridge. If you need help with your addiction or if you want to learn more about our drug rehabilitation program or withdrawal symptoms recovery options, please contact us today!

How Much Does Detox, Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Cost in Corona, CA?

Corona, CA Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Costs

We know overcoming alcohol dependency is challenging, so we do everything we can to lighten your burden. Our drug and alcohol treatment comes at an affordable price – some of the most affordable treatment programs available. Our focus is helping you get your life back.

We understand how difficult it is to overcome alcohol addiction. All our alcohol rehab center patients receive treatment tailored to them as an individual. We’ll help you recover with gentle and honest care. The support doesn’t end upon discharge. Once you’ve successfully completed our inpatient alcohol treatment program, we’ll suggest premiere outpatient programs so you can continue to excel in your recovery.

We’ll be with you for every step of the recovery process, and we encourage family and friends to be a part of your recovery – even attending sessions with you at no additional cost.

Does Inpatient Treatment Help with Mental Illness?

Mental illness increases a person’s likelihood of using alcohol and other addictive substances, which increases one’s chances of becoming addicted, and makes it even more difficult to deal with substance abuse issues. We believe that treating alcohol addiction without treating mental illness is looking at only one half of the issue. As part of our alcohol rehab center’s program, we bring in other experts to help with mental health needs. We work hand-in-hand with mental health services practitioners to improve patients’ overall well-being and produce long-lasting results.

Addiction treatment programs and related rehab services available at our Salem, Oregon, campus include detox, inpatient rehab, post-treatment groups and recovery support, and family education.

Experienced Addiction Treatment Counseling

Over the years, we’ve helped many overcome their drug addictions. We use our knowledge and experience to provide first-rate Corona drug rehab treatment and care. Our staff is trained, equipped, and thoroughly experienced to help with the withdrawal stages of coming out of addiction while preparing you to continue to master urges to relapse for a lifetime. The Pacific Ridge drug rehab facility offers individualized care plans based on the particular needs of the patient, including psychological counseling, group therapy, nutrition education, physical fitness programs, medication-assisted addiction treatments, and more.

Professional Addiction Treatment Center Staff

Corona, CA alcohol rehab center

At Pacific Ridge, our clients receive care from trained, understanding, professional staff who have years of experience working with people with alcohol dependency issues. All our counselors are certified, and many bring their own recovery experience to the treatment program.

Of course, confidentiality is something that you must expect from a professional Corona, California alcohol treatment center’s staff. We understand how sensitive addiction is, and do everything we can to maintain your privacy and dignity during this time. Please read our privacy notice for more information.

Goals of our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

Pacific Ridge regards each client as a unique person with specific needs. Individual treatment plans are developed for each client; however, there are basic treatment goals that apply to all. Pacific Ridge’s program is designed to help people struggling with alcohol addiction do the following:

  • Understand and accept chemical dependency as a primary disease
  • Understand and admit that you need help to learn how to live with your chronic illness in a constructive manner
  • Identify what you will need to change in order to enjoy a happy, productive recovery
  • Begin making changes by putting into action the knowledge you have gained about your disease, yourself, and your recovery

The Treatment Atmosphere at Pacific Ridge Rehab Center

Located near Salem, Oregon, on 18 beautiful acres, Pacific Ridge alcohol & drug rehabilitation in Oregon was founded in 1995. Through the years we have been privileged to help many people begin their successful recovery from drug addictions.

Pacific Ridge is a private drug treatment program that accepts referrals from all sources. Residents at Pacific Ridge must want to be here and voluntarily agree to cooperate with treatment. This provides for a treatment atmosphere that is recovery-oriented rather than corrections-oriented.

Treatment groups generally consist of people who have accepted that they have a problem and are seeking a lifelong goal of abstinence from drugs.

We believe that the most successful treatment for the disease of drug addiction includes the family in a supportive, encouraging treatment setting. We encourage support people to be involved in treatment as much as possible from intake through to discharge.


  • “Thank you for your wisdom and compassion. My spirit felt broken and now it’s healing.”
  • “Thank you all so much for all the time and effort on treating me for my addiction. The whole staff was fantastic!!”
  • “Thank you guys so much for all the help, healing and the great program. It has changed my life.”
  • “Thank you for helping me with my addiction and just being there for me.”
  • “Thank you for the professionalism and the kindness of every member of the staff. I had an excellent experience.”
  • “I am very impressed with the setting, the friendly caring staff and the treatment workbook and schedule. Thanks! I’ll recommend you!”
  • “Thank you for everything. I am thoroughly impressed!”
  • “Thank you to all of you for all your help and believing in me.”
  • “Thank you for your wisdom and compassion. My spirit felt broken and now it’s healing.”
  • “Thank you all so much for all the time and effort on treating me for my addiction. The whole staff was fantastic!!”
Pacific Ridge is an Oregon state-licensed detox and residential rehab program for
drugs and alcohol